School Lunches - School Munches, Pita Pit and Mrs Sushi

School Munches - Order by 9pm the day before delivery
Thursday and Friday -
We are a couple of Mums who know how hard it is to feed your kids healthy wholesome food every school day, so we wanted to take that responsibility off your hands. We hand-make and deliver a filling, delicious and healthy lunch right to your child's classroom just before morning tea for them to enjoy at both morning tea and lunch.  Never worry about what you're going to fill their lunch boxes with again and no more smelly lunch boxes at the end of the day!  Just order online and you're done!

Pita Pit - Order by 9am on the day of delivery
Wednesday & Friday only -
Heaps of options, thousands of combinations with Pita Pit's design-your-own pitas and salads! Order via Kindo, our online school shop.

Mrs Sushi - cash orders in the office by 9am the previous Thursday
Friday only
Envelopes for ordering sushi are available in the school office. Children's name and room number must be on the front of the order envelope. No change given, so exact money only please.
Menu items for Mini Sushi (8 pieces per pack)
  • Teriyaki Chicken $5
  • Salmon $5
  • Tuna $5
  • Tempura Crab $5
  • Avocado $5
  • Chicken on rice with mayo $6
  • Onigiri (Tuna Triangle 1pce) $3.50
  • Charlie's juice (orange, apple, blackcurrant) $2.50
  • All sushi packs include a soy sachet.
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