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Welcome to Waimauku School. We are a semi rural school with a roll of around 700 pupils. We are situated 10 kilometres from Muriwai Beach, on the corner of State Highway 16 and Muriwai Road. At Waimauku School we have high expectations of our pupils in all areas of school life. This includes an emphasis on good manners and consideration of others. The development of independence and children taking responsibility for themselves are features of our school. We believe in a balanced education and while emphasis is placed on the academic aspects of school life, we ensure that cultural and social areas are also valued highly. The mission statement for Waimauku School is as follows:

“Waimauku School expects that our pupils will achieve personal standards of excellence in the academic, cultural and social areas of school life, in a welcoming environment where mutual respect and the development of self esteem are valued.”

Our current mission statement has not been arrived at lightly and is taken seriously. Actions speak louder than words. Please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit to see Waimauku School in action.


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