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Student Writing


At Waimauku School, students study, use and enjoy the English language and its literature, communicated orally, visually, and in writing, for a range of purposes and audiences and in a variety of text forms.


We believe that…


  • English is best learned when the environment is inclusive and encourages creativity and experimentation

  • English is best learned in an environment which encourages reflective thought and provides challenges and high expectations

  • Success in English is fundamental to success across the curriculum

  • Literacy programmes reflect the cumulative nature of learning as students progress at their individual rate

  • Success, enjoyment and understanding gives purpose to the task of Reading and Writing and helps turn students into self-motivating, self-correcting and self-extending achievers.

Math Class


Mathematics is an integral part of our teaching and learning at Waimauku School.


Teaching time is spent extending student thinking through the exploration of number and mathematical concepts, as well as on developing the functional side of mathematics where students are able to accurately use strategies and follow processes such as algorithms to perform calculations.


We use a wide range of mathematical equipment in our teaching to foster hands-on learning.  This allows students to model and understand the concepts they are learning about through the use of concrete materials.  Once students are confident in displaying their thinking using manipulatives, they are encouraged to picture them in their mind (visualisation/imaging) until they are able to work directly with the numbers or calculations themselves (abstraction).


We encourage our students to undertake maths problems that present an appropriate level of challenge and we support them to consolidate their learning through identifying and understanding mistakes they may have made.  We expect that our students will discuss and explain their thinking, as well as to justify their conclusions in mathematical discussions with their peers. Parents and whanau can support student learning at home through the revision of basic facts that are appropriate to their stage.


Our overarching aim is to produce students who have a well-developed number sense and who are able to perform the mathematical calculations required of them in day to day life.

Clear Slime


We value Science and have a well-resourced Science room. Students learn and engage with Science throughout their time at Waimauku School. The four strands (material world, physical world, planet earth and beyond and living world) of the curriculum are covered each year either in conjunction with a wider investigation or inquiry or as a stand alone topic. The strands are brought together by the nature of science strand is the overarching, unifying strand in which students learn what science is and how scientists work. They develop the skills, attitudes, and values to build a foundation for understanding their world.

A Boy and His Tablet Device

Digital Technology

Digital Technologies focuses on students building their skills so they can be innovative creators of digital solutions, moving beyond solely being users and consumers of digital technologies.  

In the Digital Technology learning area there are two new technological areas:


Computational thinking for digital technologies – Students will develop an understanding of computer science principles that underlie all digital technologies. They’ll learn core programming concepts so that they can become creators of digital technology, not just users.

Designing and developing digital outcomes – Students will learn how to design quality, fit-for-purpose digital solutions. 

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