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Our inquiry cycle follows a process encompassing the steps of Wonder, Seek, Discover, and Share, with reflection occurring throughout each stage.


Let's explore each step in more detail:



This stage involves fostering curiosity and asking questions about a particular topic or area of interest. It's the phase where we generate a sense of wonder and curiosity that drives our inquiry. This could involve pondering the unknown, identifying gaps in our knowledge, or exploring new ideas.



In this stage, we actively seek information and resources to answer our questions and address our curiosity. We research and explore sources such as books, articles, and websites or seek experts and mentors who can guide us. The focus is on gathering relevant information to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.



Once we have gathered information, the discovery stage involves analysing and synthesising the acquired knowledge. We connect the dots, identify patterns, draw conclusions, and gain insights from our gathered information. It is a phase of critical thinking and making connections between different ideas and concepts.



After discovering valuable insights, the next step is to share our findings with others. This could involve presenting our knowledge through various mediums, such as writing, speaking, creating visual presentations, or engaging in discussions and debates. Sharing our understanding not only helps solidify our learning but also contributes to the collective knowledge of others.



Reflection is an essential component that occurs throughout the inquiry cycle. At each stage—Wonder, Seek, Discover, and Share—we take time to reflect on our progress, insights, challenges, and new questions that may arise. Reflection allows us to evaluate our learning journey, identify areas for improvement, and refine our understanding of the topic. It is a continuous process that enhances our learning and helps us grow intellectually.


By following this inquiry cycle, we engage in the process of exploring, seeking, discovering, sharing, and reflecting on knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the topic at hand and promoting continuous learning and growth.

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