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At Waimauku school music is valued as a stand-alone subject with a music specialist connecting with each level in the school. This ensures the continuity and layering of learnt knowledge at each level. The Orff approach to music teaching uses the holistic approach of voice, body and movement and the playing of instruments both structured and improvisational. Students have the opportunity to explore the musical elements, create and perform their own work. Making and playing music together in a fun positive environment is the primary focus of the music programme at all levels.



The integrated teaching of drama, which occurs in our classrooms, gives students the opportunity to develop self-confidence, express their ideas and storytelling on a performance-based platform. Our school recognises the importance of offering involvement in the performing arts with our biannual junior shows (all students involved) and senior shows where students can opt into roles on and off the stage.



Dance is not just seen as a fitness opportunity but as a means of expression. Learning through the art of dance allows students to explore the elements of dance, create their own work, collaborate and cooperate together and perform.


Visual Art


Visual arts are highly valued at Waimauku School.  Much of our experience of the world is visual, and experiences and explorations through the creative process encourage many ways to describe and respond to the world.

At Waimauku School we aim to provide students with opportunities to experience and progressively develop skills in a variety of media, and gain an appreciation for the artwork of peers, adults and other cultures.

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