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The purpose of assessment at Waimauku School is to improve student learning, to provide information on student learning and to contribute to the efficacy of learning programmes.


Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering evidence for and of learning. This evidence will be used to give recognition and timely feedback to the learners and all other stakeholders. Assessment will reflect best practice that supports the learner and the teacher in the promotion of student achievement.

At Waimauku School we believe assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. Our approach to assessment recognises the importance of assessing the process of learning as well as the products of learning.

The main aim of assessment at our school is to provide feedback on the learning process and the development of the various elements of learning such as the development of knowledge, skills, concepts, key competencies and values to inform further learning. Students and teachers are actively engaged in assessing the students’ progress as part of the development of their wider critical thinking and self-assessment skills.

The assessment component in the school’s curriculum can be subdivided into three closely related areas

  1. Assessing – how we discover what the students know and have learned

  2. Recording – how we collect and analyse data

  3. Reporting – how we communicate information about assessment

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