School Donations will be $260.00 (per child) for 2022. We appreciate that some families will not be able to pay the full amount all at once, however we would appreciate payment as soon as it becomes possible.

School Donations may be paid via Kindo, direct credit (06 0153 0216435 00 - please use your child's name and room number as a reference) or in the school office by eftpos or cash. You are welcome to pay the school donation in instalments.

If you have paid via Kindo then your donation receipt will be attached to the email you receive after payment. For previous years’ receipts that have been paid via Kindo you can go to the ‘My Orders’ tab and re-send the receipt to yourself very easily.

If you have paid your donation by any other method you will receive your receipt via email when the payment is processed by the office. If you need copies of previous year’s receipts then please contact Nicky who will be happy to assist you (

Donation receipts that are submitted to the IRD are eligible for a refund of 33% of the amount you have paid. You can submit donation receipts for up to 5 previous years. There are now 2 ways in which you can do this;

- Send a completed IR526 form with a copy of the donation receipt by post - forms are attached below. (Available for completed tax years only)

- Submit your receipts online via ‘MyIR’ on the IRD website. You just need a pdf of the donation receipt, log on to your ‘MyIr’ account and upload the receipt and the details there.