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Why is this taught in schools?

Follow this link to see Ministry of Education guidelines: MOE GUIDELINES

What is expected to be taught in schools?

Click HERE to see Curriculum Guidelines

Who is responsible for the Māori Curriculum at Waimauku School?

Shylah Robinson



Certificate in He Papa Tikanga

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

July 2022


Certificate in Te Ahu o te Reo Māori Levels 2-3

Takatū Associates and The Ministry of Education

March 2022


Certificate in Te Kunenga o te Reo Levels 3-4

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

December 2018 


Certificate in Te Ara Reo Māori Levels 1-2

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

December 2017

What will my child be taught?

Click HERE to see planning for years 1-8

Who teaches te reo?

Whaea Ihapera teaches the Year 1-4 classes. Classroom teachers follow up on the tutor sessions and use te reo incidentally throughout the day. In years 5-8, classroom teachers run their own te reo lessons, using the lesson plans provided (see above).

What Māori events are celebrated?

Matariki, Te Wiki ō te Reo Māori, New whanau pōwhiri

What are the whanau hui?

Meetings held to discuss events and activities relating to te reo me te tikanga Māori. Please email the whānau secretary, Bitta Johnstone for more information. Email:

Who is the Māori representative on the BOT?

Thomas Nehemia was co-opted onto the Board of Trustees as a result of an election which was held in 2019.

Who runs Kapa Haka?

Whaea Melo and Whaea Helen teach the kapa haka. Miss Robinson organises the groups.

Who can join?

Anyone from Year 3 and up. Term One is our ‘give it a go’ term. At the end of Term One, students sign up for the rest of the year, and buy a uniform tshirt.

Is there a t-shirt?

Yes. We have hoodies too. We introduced Kapa Haka T-shirts in 2015. They are available to purchase via Kindo, and we have reserves sold in the office if necessary. T-shirts cost $15  and hoodies cost $35

What is the uniform?

Our uniforms are created by Kanikani Kids. The uniform style (black, red, and white piupiu, sash, and headband) was chosen by Diane Rawlinson who started kapa haka at Waimauku School in 2004 and we have chosen to keep this uniform as a token of respect for all that she did for Maori culture during her time at our school.

When do they practise?

Year 3-4: Mondays 12.30-1pm
Year 5-8: Mondays 2-3pm

When do they perform?

At termly powhiri, and special assemblies; at community events, when we are invited

Where can we access the kupu (words) to the waiata (songs)?

Does my child have to be Māori to join kapa haka?

Absolutely not. At Waimauku School we accept everyone into kapa haka. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and welcome anyone who has a passion for Maori culture into our rōpu.

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