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For those families who have not experienced one of our Agriculture Days, we would like to give you a bit of the history behind this special school day.


You may have noticed when you come through the school foyer a cabinet full of trophies – the oldest Ag Day trophy dates back to 1960 – the L McIntosh trophy for ‘Best Cared for Lamb’ - through to our most recent addition in 2013.


Agriculture Day is held each year at the beginning of Term 4.  Children have the option of bringing hand-reared lambs, calves and goats to compete in the animal rings.  The ribbon winners for the lambs and goats are eligible to enter the Kaipara Schools’ Group Day, where they compete with their pets against children from other schools in the region.


At the ‘Young Farmer of the Year Competition’ our Year 7 & 8s battle it out with tasks such as moving hay bales, sawing wood, and loading wheelbarrows.

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