What is the Waimauku School PTA?

A group of parents who co-ordinate fundraising and social events on behalf of Waimauku School.  We work in conjunction with the school and have Board of Trustee and Teacher representation at our monthly meetings.

What does being a member of this group mean?

Attending a meeting once a month where we discuss and organise:
  • Social and fundraising events
  • How the money will be spent
  • Helping organise the events
  • Being involved in the events

Who is the Waimauku School PTA?

Parents who would like to be involved and contribute towards their child’s education and the school environment. HOW TO JOIN US - Any person/family who lives in the community can join this group. Either turn up to a meeting, held every second Monday of the month in the school staff room or contact the PTA - PTA@waimauku.school.nz or complete a PTA form from the office and we will contact you.

Friends of the PTA

We also have a group of busy parents that help out at events.  These parents are the ‘Friends of the PTA’. We know we can call on these parents when additional assistance is required.  This is a very comforting thought at events like school disco’s or Ag day when our resources are stretched to the max. PTA OFFICE BEARERS:
Andrea Finlay (Chairperson)
Louise Banham (Treasurer)
Tanya Franklin (Secretary)
Justine Hall (Media Liaison)
Gary Pasfield (BOT Representative)
Anita Newland (School Representative)
Tania Christiansen
Helen Dean
Kanchana Hoy
Jessie May
Jacqui Richmond
Bronwyn Wilson-Vogler
6th June - Parenting Talk by David Curtis from Activ8, 7pm
3rd August - Greats and Grands Day
3rd August - Music Trivia Night Fundraiser
27th October (Saturday) - Agriculture Day (til 1pm)
PTA Minutes 12 Feb 2018
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